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"Wow, what a reading . . . I don’t know how she saw what she did and only wish I could do the same. It appears that my dad keeps an eye on me. She told me what was happening throughout my apartment and my bathroom (that was a little close for comfort); lights out, missing lights, where I kept my mirror. She saw a messenger bag I had created and mentioned that I needed to get back to my creative juices. Simone saw my dad’s final days and how his body was shutting down (she told me his individual issues). She told me my mother was suffering from gastrointestinal issues, that she needed to stay away from spicy foods. I’ve been able to corroborate everything except for one of two names she’s given me. One of the two names happened to be the name my mother chose for the child of her favorite aunt. After everything sunk in, I couldn’t be happier with my reading. Now I want more . . . A+++"

Leo, NY

"I’ve never met Simone in person, I have only talked to her on the phone. She’s easy to talk to, to open up to and she gives a sense of comfort with her words. During a very dark moment of my life, she helped shed a bit of light and hope to keep me on the right path. I was surprised when she told me things I haven’t told anyone. One instance stands out in particular. Something so private, I was ashamed to admit to anyone. She picked up on it and described it exactly as it was. I will be eternally grateful for her help. She doesn’t know me, and even without meeting me, she showed she cared."

Augustin, NY

"I’m very happy with the reading. You are 95% correct! The reading with you helped me to think about my life again and I hope that the next days will be much better. Thank you again and I’ll be waiting for next reading with you, xxxxxxx"

A. Wawrzynczak, Scotland

"Thanks so much. Your reading is spot on. You have been such a great help. I really appreciate it." 

Glenda Ellen, South Africa

"Thank you Simone Salmon you really helped and made me feel better…thanks so much love and light: -)"

Hope Lynn Luna, SC

"Simone Salmon you’re very blessed by so much love and gratitude by those you help."

Tiffany Botts

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